andromeda :O (gummyfish) wrote,
andromeda :O

first day of school

none of my friends are in any of my classes :O

period 1 (science)- davenport seems really nice, but I was like 5 minutes tardy because my fucking locker wouldn't open and the guidance office people wouldn't help me -.-;

period 2 (math)- math sucks, but the teacher's really cool

period 3 (social studies)- my favorite core class taught by a teacher I dont like >_> I loved my social studies teacher from last year

period 4 (health)- FINALLY get my locker to open. I hate this teacher. he's really mean + scary. and this year we have to fucking do 90 minutes of exercise each week, even though we already have to do that for gym.

period 5 (french)- class is okay, the teacher is the same from last year and she's really cool

period 6 (english)- the teacher is nice even though she's rumored to be a gumnazi. XD;

period 7 (band)- we have the whole 8th grade band (110+ people) in one class...
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